Obama Wants to Sell More Guns? That’s Not What I Read

July 30, 2010


A skeptical analysis of an article inflaming the blogosphere this morning...when did we start letting others think for us?

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Conspiracy Theory, Meet Conspiracy Fact

July 29, 2010


In a rare move, the CIA has just released a wealth of documents to the National Archives in College Park, MD, detailing an elaborate and fascinating espionage program that lasted decades, beginning during WWII...

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My Face, Off-Book (Part 3)

July 27, 2010


Conclusion of a 3-part series exploring my love-hate-really hate relationship with Facebook...this is the one where I snap.

Unintelligence Programs in a Terrorized United States

July 24, 2010


The Washington Post has published an extensive report detailing the intelligence and counter-terrorism programs of the US government, and the news is not good...

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Goodbye, Seafood, Thanks for the Memories

July 22, 2010


If the water is so polluted I can't swim in it, how is it still safe to eat the fish?

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My Face, Off-Book (Part 2)

July 19, 2010


Part 2 in a 3-part series in which I explore the extent to which this site wreaked havoc in my real-world, non-digital life.

Heroes: Drew Landry

July 14, 2010


The debut of a new series...because we all need inspiration, and we all need to feel connected to our fellow citizens. Sharing our stories brings us closer together and removes the fictional boudaries set up by mainstream news.

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